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Filco Majestouch MINILA Air Mechanical Keyboard
Compact, understated design and Bluetooth connectivity. Sweet!
Small layout, big functionality. The MINILA is a weapon in deft hands.
The MINILA Air features tilt adjustment to make typing even more comfortable.
Takes two AA batteries, stored under a lid towards the back of the board.
DIP switch adjustment allows you to customise various functions of the MINILA Air.
Indicators for connectivity and battery life.
Batteries included, baby! And a keypuller. And keycaps. #winning
Obligatory box shot of the Filco Majestouch MINILA Air.
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Filco Majestouch MINILA Air 60% Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard


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Less really is more

Solid enough to be a proper mechanical keyboard, yet small enough to cart around.  Then make it wireless.

Some said it couldn’t be done. Others tried and with mixed results. Fewer still have gotten close.

Filco took on the challenge and have well and truly delivered with this; the Majestouch Minila Air.


Minimal Layout

The Minila is a 68 key, 6x% keyboard measuring 40cm wide. Unlike many 60% keyboards though, the Minila maintains the cursor keys.

Using the conveniently-located fn keys, the Minila allows rapid switching between the default mapped keys and the extended set of cursors and selection keys. With practice, utilizing these function keys can make you faster than ever before.


Solid dependability

Where the other small keyboards have gone for lightness, Filco have tried to balance the weight and solid feel against the ability to take the Minila anywhere.

The result is a highly capable mechanical keyboard, weighing 680grams but with the stability and robustness of a full size board.

This is all possible thanks to a thick ABS plastic chassis and the 1.5mm steel plate to which the switches are mounted.


Wireless perfection

The Minila is equipped with a superb Bluetooth Low Energy chipset supporting HID 4.0.

As a consequence, it is dead-simple to pair and it works flawlessly with a myriad of devices, from mobile and tablet to laptops and desktops.

The Minila stores the last three devices to connect to it.  Press a key and it wakes up the last system to interact with it within seconds.

And because it utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy and features smart power management, the Minila Air will go 6 months on a single pair of AA Batteries. (Included)


Mechanical magic

Nothing says mechanical like the original Cherry MX Switches and the Minila has got them. Available in Brown, Blue, Black and Red, you are sure to get the feel you are after.

The Minila is a legitimate mechanical keyboard in a form factor that is portable, yet robust.



    Legendary Majestouch

    At the end of the day, the Minila is a smaller, re-engineered version of Filco’s legendary Majestouch keyboard.

    This means that the build quality is exceptional, the input precise and fast, and that using it is a joy.

    Despite the fact that it is smaller than it’s TKL and 104 counterparts, the Minila loses none of what makes the Majestouch great.

    It has the same great looks, attention to detail and a fit and finish that other simply cannot replicate, though try as they might.

    Even if you’ve no desire to ever take it on the go, the Minila is every bit a Majestouch as it’s larger siblings and, for users with a deft touch, will easily outperform them.



    Weight 680g
    Style 60% 67 Key
    Connection Bluetooth 3.0
    Key Layout ANSI US


    In the Box

    The Filco Majestouch Minila Air package includes:

    • Filco Majestouch Minila Bluetooth mechanical keyboard (in Black)
    • Wire keycap puller & additional keys
    • 2 x AA batteries
    • Instructions



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