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Returns Policy

Our Happiness++ Guarantee is designed to make the experience of purchasing from us and getting a keyboard you love super-simple and risk-free. Please refer to this page for returns relating to satisfaction. (or lack thereof)

Defective Goods/Warranty

Nothing can put a dampener on an experience faster than either a product that is DOA or one that develops a fault through use.

CoderKit complies with ACCC requirements around consumer warranty and any defective goods can be returned to us within 12 months and/or the manufacturer's specified warranty period if longer than 12 months. 

What we do once returned?

Generally speaking, we will favour the quickest path to resolving the fault. The options available to us may include:

  • Repairing the fault through local agents
  • Returning to Manufacturer for Warranty Repair
  • Exchanging for a new product
  • Exchanging for store-credit or refund

The option we choose to go with will be determined by the timeliness of the resolution, the certainty of resolution, stock availability and other factors.

Who carries the cost of return shipping?

We do. Let us know if you need to do a Warranty Return and we will take care of the rest.

Further information

More information on Australian Consumer Law and our responsibilities under those laws is available from the ACCC Website. (External link)