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Tai Hao Keycaps are in the House

Posted by Matt Bell on

Mega-exciting news.

A stunning selection of Tai Hao Keycaps have arrived in Australia and are available for purchase on CoderKit.

We've got a range of ABS and PBT keycaps in stock, including Tai Hao signature favourites: "Hawaii Sunset", "England Blue" and our personal fave "Life Aquatic".

Tai Hao keycaps are produced using a double-shot moulding technique, producing high quality legends that will not wear with age.

Tai Hao Hawaii Sunset

They are OEM profile which means they offer a familiar feel and usability. All are available in 104 sets so if you have a TKL or smaller, then you're going to have spares.

In the coming weeks, we will be doing extensive product photography to captured the quality and detail in these beautiful keycap sets.

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